PC Keyboard as Travel Piano (7+5)!
(Patent Enhancement for "Hamburger Harmonika")

Since the early days of Home Computers you can play on your PC keyboard a bit like on a piano:
The main difference here is that You hold the keyboard vertically, like shown on the right:
This enables to play with both hands more fluently!
Better play arpeggio instead of full chords because keyboard drivers are not yet made for this!

Click the Panel on the left. Now you see two parts of a Piano Keyboard, which you can play with your Console.
Hold keyboard between your thighs and enjoy playing!
Click outside of the panel to finish playing and use yur keyboard for writing again!
Javascript-Version for PC-Keyboard, Smartphone and Tablet-PC!

Register Keys:

Space bar : Right thumb lifts or lowers melody by an octave.
Function Keys : Left thumb lifts or lowers bass by an octave.
Escape and ^: Change range of the tones.
Cursor keys: Change instruments of bass and melody.
Ctrl (left): Shows Major Scale of the latest played Tone.

*) Mac-Users should redefine Caps Lock Key to Command Key to avoid the "Hanging" of the Caps Lock tone. To learn how to do so, click here.