Lesson 1 in Spectral Colors
1. Choose any Piece of Music (YouTube, Radio, Movie Soundtrack, Hard Disk...) and let it play.

2. Get back to this page and click on the left panel again.(Nothing happens?)

3. Listen and decide if your piece is in major(joyful,bright) or minor(sad,dark). In minor, change chords by clicking any Function Key (F1-F12)
Then search the main tone of the piece that is played.

4. If you think you found it, click the left Control Key.

5. Now all tones and chords that you probably need for this piece of music (as long as there's no change of key) are marked with dots and colors. The main tone is marked most significantly.

6. Accompany the music by only using marked keys and chords.

*) Change of Key in the Music:
A change from major to minor or vice versa often doesn't change the usable melody keys.
For the bass you switch between major and minor by thumb pressing a function key (F1-F12) and then play the magenta, cyan or yellow marked chords three rows up or down from the previously played chords.
Lesson 1 in Piano Colors



More Lessons will follow


*) Mac-Users should redefine Caps Lock Key to Command Key to avoid the "Hanging" of the Caps Lock tone. To learn how to do so, click here.